XDEFI Wallet: SwapKit Integration Spotlight 🤝


SwapKit Powers Up XDEFI Wallet with THORChain DEX Aggregation for Enhanced DeFi Accessibility

SwapKit is an all-in-one SDK solution for native cross-chain trading, DEX aggregation, yield, lending services, wallet integration, analytics tools, and more. Armed with the full-featured SwapKit API/SDK tech-stack, builders across Web3 can develop truly multi-chain dApps and products.

Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight a new SwapKit integration—XDEFI Wallet! 🎉

About XDEFI Wallet

XDEFI is a multi-ecosystem, self-custody wallet that supports the most blockchains, including Bitcoin, Solana, all EVMs, all Cosmos, THORChain, TRON, Maya Protocol, and more. Over 200,000 users trust XDEFI to manage their assets and swap cross-chain from within the wallet.

Launched as a next-gen wallet designed for DeFi and NFT enthusiasts, XDEFI Wallet prioritizes seamless integration and user-centric features to enhance the DeFi experience. Recognizing that “not your keys, not your crypto” goes beyond just holding assets, XDEFI Wallet enhances security through cutting-edge encryption and streamlined backup processes, minimizing the risk of user errors typically associated with seed phrase management.

Their mission statement: XDEFI is the best wallet to access all opportunities in crypto, with support for 200+ blockchains.

After engaging with the XDEFI Wallet team and aligning on their specific requirements, SwapKit provided the necessary API tools for the integration of our THORChain DEX aggregation services, allowing for seamless swaps of over 5,500 diverse assets across Ethereum Mainnet, Avalanche C-Chain and BNB Smart Chain to and from Native Bitcoin, Cosmos ($ATOM), Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, THORChain ($RUNE) and more.

From the XDEFI team:

As a multichain wallet, providing cross-chain swaps from within the wallet is a must. Integrating SwapKit helps bolster our offerings, ensuring our users get the best experience possible when looking to swap native assets through THORChain.”

Jordan H. | Head of Marketing, XDEFI

SwapKit’s industry-leading DEX aggregator connects deep liquidity from leading decentralized exchanges and aggregators ensuring XDEFI Wallet users always get the best prices and routes for their swaps in a single transaction, mitigating the risks associated with centralized platforms and allowing users to exchange between previously siloed liquidity.

Currently supported DEX aggregation routes: Uniswap V2 + V3, SushiSwap, 1Inch (ParaSwap, GMX, Curve), 0x Protocol (Matcha), Kyber, Pangolin, TraderJoe, WOOFi and PancakeSwap.

How It Looks in XDEFI:

Integrate XDEFI with SwapKit

SwapKit SDK allows developers to seamlessly incorporate XDEFI wallet support into their applications. This not only broadens the scope of DeFi projects that can leverage SwapKit’s powerful features but also allows for interoperability and support for a wide range of blockchains and addresses.
Experience XDEFI today on THORSwap.

How It Works

Developers can now use SwapKit SDK to connect applications directly to XDEFI wallets, enabling users to easily manage assets across multiple blockchains. At the time of writing (April, 2024), this integration supports all chains currently compatible with THORSwap, except for Polkadot.

Wallets are packages wrapping source wallet methods & implementation in consistent and easy to consume apis in combination with Toolboxes. Learn more on SwapKit Dev Docs: https://docs.thorswap.finance/swapkit-docs/swapkit-sdk/wallets/swapkit-wallet-xdefi

Join the Cross-Chain Revolution

We invite other projects and teams to experience the transformative power of SwapKit. SwapKit offers a composable, user-friendly API+SDK that makes integrating cross-chain functionality easy- empowering any dApp to go multi-chain in less than 100 lines of code.

SwapKit comes with the benefits of streamlined affiliate fees, improved quotes & gas pricing, robust wallet connectivity, and DEX aggregation enabling swaps between 5,500+ crypto assets across 14 blockchains in a single transaction.

Powering leading protocols such as THORSwap, KeepKey, Onekey and more, SwapKit abstracts the complexity of integrating THORChain services with a battle-tested infrastructure for cost-effective, enterprise-level performance.

Integrate our SDK to access state-of-the-art cross-chain technology, expand your trading operations, and drive significant volume and growth. SwapKit is more than a tool; it’s a gateway to the future of decentralized finance, offering a path to innovate, excel, and lead in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape.

Learn more about Swapkit and XDEFI: https://swapkit.dev/xdefi
Get started with SwapKit developer docs: https://docs.swapkit.dev/
Get in touch via the SwapKit contact enquiry form, or Swapkit Developer Discord.

About SwapKit

SwapKit is a powerful suite of cross-chain services providing native cross-chain trading across all THORChain integrated blockchains, DEX aggregation, yield analytics tools and more.

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