SwapKit enables easy integration of XDEFI Wallet to any application. XDEFI is a multi-ecosystem, self-custody wallet that supports 200+ blockchains.

XDEFI has also integrated SwapKit to power cross-chain swaps within the wallet via our THORChain DEX aggregation APIs, allowing for seamless swaps of over 5,500+ diverse assets across Ethereum, Avalanche C-Chain and BNB Smart Chain to/from Native Bitcoin, Cosmos ($ATOM), Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, THORChain ($RUNE). Learn more on our blog.

As a multichain wallet, providing cross-chain swaps from within the wallet is a must. Integrating SwapKit helps bolster our offerings, ensuring our users get the best experience possible when looking to swap native assets through THORChain.
 – Jordan H. | Head of Marketing, XDEFI

Currently supported chains:

Bitcoin, Solana, all EVMs, all Cosmos, THORChain, TRON, Maya Protocol, and more

Integrate Cross-chain Swaps today with SwapKit.